What We Do

All restoration companies survey their clients. But how transparent and honest are the answers when the person asking the questions is wearing the company logo?

Working with Customer Service Advocates speaks volumes to your clients on how you care about their concerns and their experience with your company. CSA gives your client a place to express their unfiltered experiences to an unbiased, caring person that you have provided. Our advocates will be your ears to not only uncover problems, real or perceived, but to also find the hidden jewels in your exceptional, caring employees.

The detail of information gleaned during our survey process will be invaluable to you and will give you the tools to make decisions with the clients' needs in view. Finally, intel you can trust and use. The Customer Service Advocate team has years of experience in the restoration industry and know how to draw critical information from the client that will revolutionize your company’s customer service culture.

Remember, adjusters, property owners, and subcontractors will refer clients to companies that will CARE for their referrals.

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